Navina Khatib is a visual artist based in Andalucía (Spain).

Her work consists of multiple layers of landscape photography, where she plays with light and colors to create her very own rendition of these abstract landscapes.
The result is dreamlike and almost therapeutic. 

Navina works mainly with analogue filters such as kaleidoscope lenses, foil or transparent paper and uses various layers and multiple exposure techniques.

Most of her photos were shot in South America, Bali, Andalucía (Spain), Canary Islands, Mexico and Austria.

The series „Colors of Salt“ is her colorful interpretation of Uyuni & the Altiplano of Bolivia.

Her art was featured in Lonely Planet, Affinity, Atlas Obscura, Caters News, FrankieFisheye MagazineArtsyFeatureshoot, Time Out NY, New York Times and she is collaborating with the renowned agency Artstar (New York)

“Metaphors of a Nomad” with Aera
“Mysteries of Love and Space”

Documentary: Casa Luz - House of Lights (2013) - Director/Producer/Writer
*Silver Palm Award" (2013) at Mexico International Film Festival*
*Best World Cinema" (2013)  at Portobello Film Festival London, UK*  

Music Video: Aera "Cambio" - Director/Editor (2013) 
Aera "Running Hot" - Editor (2016)
Aera  "Lumen" - Director/Cinematographer (2017)

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